03 August 2022


  • "Feature: Welcome Screen added to help new people starting a game. It also provides usefull links. You can also access it right click onto the table.

  • Feature: Card info function added when right-clicking on a card. It provides rules information on some keywords.

  • Feature: Counters added to adjust your hand size in Hero form and Alter-ego form (usefull for Iron Man or when playing cards like "Symbiote Suit" or "The Sorcerer Supreme").

  • Feature: Warning message if a player want to shuffle his discard pile into his deck if his deck is still containing cards.

  • Feature: Warning message if a player want to shuffle encounter discard pile into encounter deck if this deck is still containing cards.

  • Fix: Some workaround about first player behaviour that might still needs some tests. Players order is based on loaded deck order.

  • Fix: Hawkeye prebuild deck missing 1 card.

  • Shortcut: F8 shortcut for taking control of targeted (shift + mouse left-click) cards.

  • Shortcut: F9 shortcut for random number function

  • Fonts changed to Elektra Medium Pro Regular

16 July 2022


  • Spider-Ham Hero pack added

  • SP/dr Hero pack added

  • fix: Ironheart version didn't swap in multiplayer

  • Stun/Confuse/Tough status no longer stuck to 1 or 2 cards

29 May 2022


  • fix: Hela Gjallerbru and Hall of Nostrond side schemes mixed. You will need to redownload and install the MTS image pack

  • fix: Drawing cards with ctrl+D no longer draw 2 cards with Nova "Connection to the Worldmind"

  • fix: Ironheart version swap discarded other heroes

26 May  2022

  • Fix: Ironheart deck from marvelcdb wasn't loading version 2 and 3 hero card.


26 May 2022


  • Nova Hero pack added

  • Ironheart Hero pack added

  • Feature: Mysterio scenario improved : encounter cards are now automatically shuffled in players deck at Expert setup

  • Feature: Mysterio scenario improved : encounter cards are now automatically moved to table when drew in players hand

  • Feature: Nova "Connection to the Worldmind" card will not count in player hand when drawing cards

  • Feature: Ironheart's Suit Version swapped when moved from Special Pile to Table

  • Feature: Boost card when double-clicking on villainous minion

  • Feature: "Unload Hero Deck" without resetting table (right-click on table: Setup & Save Tools)

  • Feature [Work In Progress]: We can now load fanmade. (right-click on table: Setup & Save Tools). Some fanmade examples:

  • Fix: Modular selection box allowed only 1 modular despite some scenario needs 3 (when not taking recommended)


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